• Helen Jones

Summer's here!!!

Dear All,

We are now well into the summer term and everyone appears to be enjoying life in school; even more so when the sun is out and we can make the most of our wonderful field.

Children in Year 6 and Year 2 have completed the government tests which had been timetabled for May. We definitely noticed a difference in the required depth and challenge expected for these new tests. All children have excelled themselves and I am so proud of them. They could not have worked any harder and whatever the final outcome their efforts are to be commended. I have summarised the reporting requirements and arrangements for Year 1 phonics, Year 2 SATs tests and Year 6 SATs tests for 2016 since you may have questions about timelines and how the results will be shared (see below).

There has been no Year 2 spelling, punctuation and grammar test this year due to a leaked document on the internet. Year 1 will sit their phonics test during the week commencing 13 June.

The summer term is a time for changes and the Christian value we are teaching children about this term is Courage. As we move into the final term, this will become important as children may require courage when moving classes or schools; facing new learning, new environments or taking on new responsibilities. At this time of year we are really aware of the significant changes that your children will be preparing to go through; we will be working to ensure these transitions are as smooth as possible by giving them the opportunity to meet their new teaching staff, or visit their new school and by giving ‘tasters’ of what is to come.

Transition Timetable for Children

§ Parents in EYFS and Year 1 will be informed about their child’s class and teacher by June 30/July 1 (possibly before) and will be invited into school for a short presentation about expectations. There will also be two transition mornings when Foundation/Reception children visit their new classes and teachers.

§ There will be one transition morning for children moving into year groups 3, 4, 5 and 6. This will take place on 12 July. Children will share their new class and new teacher on this day. Meetings with Parents to share expectations will take place early in September.

And what of staffing changes for our school for September?

Every so often a change happens that is not part of the expected school rhythm or desired. Unfortunately, there comes a time when professional opportunities cannot be ignored and staff take the next step to pastures new. I share with great sadness the departure of Miss Brooker. Miss Brooker is an exceptional teacher and has been very successful as a subject leader and has a proven record of raising standards across the school. I know she is sad to leave us too but also excited about what lies ahead. Mrs Dobson also handed in her resignation last term, allowing us plenty of time to advertise for her replacement. Mrs Dobson came to the school as a part time teacher, has always been extremely reliable, dependable and a huge support. Her creativity has inspired staff as well as the children and we will not forget the wonderful Art Gallery that she organised in the Autumn Term. Mrs Dobson will be moving to the South Coast and we wish her well.

Both members of staff will be truly missed by all of us. I am sure you will join me in thanking them for their significant contributions and to wish them much success and happiness in their new post and adventures.

I am delighted to inform you about our new appointments from September.

Mr Tom Eaton will take a class in Key Stage 2. Tom Eaton spent time with us as a teaching assistant before beginning his Post Graduate Certificate of Education last year. How wonderful that he has sought to return to us.

Miss Emma Gray is also a new appointment; an experienced teacher who will work in Key Stage 1 alongside Mrs Arnold and her team.

Miss Wang has been appointed as a Cover/Pupil Premium teacher. She is a teacher who inspires children and has shown herself to be a dedicated practitioner. She will now play her part in raising standards across the school particularly in Maths for our more vulnerable groups of children. Mr Moody, who arrived at the school last year has already shown huge commitment, enthusiasm and drive. We are very pleased to offer him a permanent post as a class teacher in Key Stage 2.

I am also thrilled to tell you Miss Marta Bakinowska is returning from maternity leave. She has already been in school during the Spring and Summer Term supporting children in Year 2. We are all excited about having her back.

As well as staff changes, Year 6 will be moving on to the next phase of their education. We will have a chance to celebrate their time here at Trinity at our Year 6 leavers’ assembly which will be on 19 July at 2pm. Of course it is also time to say goodbye to some of our families who have contributed and supported in so many wonderful ways.

I hope to see you at the many exciting events we have planned for next term. Sports Day details will follow shortly; it was such a great experience last year and this year, I am promised, it will be even better.

May I wish you all a very happy half-term break as I leave you with two reflective quotes that have promoted so much thought provoking and enjoyable discussion with your children this term.

‘Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose’

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and


Helen Jones


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