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Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer break. All of us welcome you back for this new academic year. Can I say a particular welcome to all of our new families who are joining us. We look forward to getting to know you and work with you. If there is anything you are unsure of, please get in touch with us and ask. Trinity staff are always happy to help and advise.

Our new staff joining us this year, Mr Eaton and Miss Gray are already feeling part of the team, blending well and bringing excitement and new ideas as they prepare to lead their classes.

Summer News

Congratulations to the staff and children of year 2 and year 6 whose SATs results were released just before the end of the term. I praise their performance for the new national primary school testing system. The results show that Trinity children are still performing above the national average in reading, writing and mathematics despite the bar being raised. In fact we appear to be significantly above the national average.

Year 2 exceeded their targets for Maths, Reading and Writing and produced outstanding results for the second year running.

For Year 6, recent information from the Department for Education has reported that nationally, 53% of pupils achieved the benchmark level in 2016 when being taught and assessed against the new tougher criteria under the revised curriculum. I am pleased to say that our year 6 children responded extremely well to the more challenging tests and achieved significantly above this value, achieving 72% for Reading, Grammar and Maths combined and averaged around the 80% mark for each subject separately.

A detailed breakdown has been published on our web-site for year 2 and for year 6.

Creativity and Exploration

At Trinity we know that Education is not just about academic success. It is far more. We know it does not matter how academically successful a child is if they do not have the confidence to share their views in conversation with others or act in a way that is socially acceptable. We try hard to secure this through our values education and opportunities for your children to explore as supported and independent learners, who are not frightened to take the initiative and make decisions.

Our Creative Learning Journey teaches skills through exploration of well planned- inspirational topics. Your children learn to question, research, debate and express themselves in written and oral form inspired by topics that capture their imaginations and encourage them to want to learn. We want you to be part of this and welcome any parents with knowledge and skills linked to the topic being taught to come in and share their experiences with the children.

Another Great Olympics; we all feel inspired.

What a wonderful summer of sport. It encourages all of us to live a healthy life and we want to challenge and excite your children to do just that. I remember when the Olympic athlete dropped into our school last term and your children to took part in an exciting fitness circuit and enjoyed an inspirational assembly. We will be looking to do more of the same with emphasis, as always, on enjoyment and participation.

Children having a positive view of themselves will be encouraged by the wide variety of sporting opportunities that we will offer; House competitions in all areas of sport means that every child has the opportunity to represent their house and feel part of a successful team. We will be looking forward to another Sports Day which has shown in the last two years to be a great example of team work, good sportsmanship and recognising children’s perseverance and courage. Teaching our children to value each other’s talents is as important for us as developing individual talents because once again in the real world it is clear we cannot all be Mo Farrah or Laura Trott and Jason Kenny but we can be inspired by them.

On-line Safety

This will be one of our main developments for this year. As in any other area of life, children and young people are vulnerable and may expose themselves to danger - knowingly or unknowingly - when using the Internet and other digital technologies. Indeed, some young people may find themselves involved in activities which are inappropriate or possibly illegal. It is something we cannot ignore and we have been developing our policies to address with a view to being more proactive in educating children about the possible dangers. We looked at this matter over a year ago when the school was concerned but parents attending the forum preferred that we tread carefully around such sensitive matters as on-line abuse and ‘react to’ rather than highlight and proactively teach children about the more ‘sensitive’ dangers.

Since this time technological advancement has accelerated so rapidly: Social Media, Smartphones, Cloud Computing, Email all being components of what have been coined ‘Disruptive Technologies’ – Whilst incidents reported to us about on-line abuse have so far taken place outside of the school day, it does, of course, affect the children when they come into school. It is all about ‘Being Aware’ so that together we can teach children how to make positive choices and informed decisions; they can then protect themselves from such things as cyberbullying and sexual exploitation when on-line in the home. We will therefore have on-line safety included in our presentations to parents/carers timetabled for next week. (for dates please scroll down)

‘To Excel, To Value , To Enjoy Together’ ………… our core purpose. This year Trinity will continue to offer a curriculum which motivates and inspires our children to become successful life-long learners through RESPECT and CARING for ourselves, each other and the world around us and to have the COURAGE and belief to say ‘I CAN DO IT’

‘One of the most important gifts we can offer young children is a positive view of themselves.’

I feel this will be another amazing year of celebration and I continue to be grateful for all the support you have shown as I begin my fourth year in post. Let’s enjoy, what the staff and I believe will be, another great year.

Helen Jones


Key Dates for September 2017

( I also attach the calendar sharing main events and dates for the academic year 2016-2017: These will also be published on our school web-site soon). The following presentations are led by staff: The main agenda is to share homework and learning expectations.



Time (Venue School Hall)

Tuesday 13th September

Year 3 and 4 Presentation to parents/carers


Wednesday 14th September

Year 1 and 2

Presentation to parents/carers.


Thursday 15th September

Year 5/6

Presentation to parents/carers.


You are all invited to our Harvest Festival Service at Holy Trinity Church on Friday 30th of September.


‘Kind’ Reminders and Requests from all Staff at Trinity.

The school gates are opened at 8.30am in the morning and we encourage you not to arrive at the school before this time unless you have enrolled your child into an early morning club. Staff are on duty from 8.35am.

Please always park with consideration for our neighbours when dropping off and collecting.

At the beginning and end of the school day

With the Safety of your children in mind we are reminding you to support the normal teaching day by not accompanying your children to the classrooms or enter the school building from the playground as this makes it difficult for staff to give their full attention to the children in their class and has safety implications for your children and the school.

We also want to encourage your children to develop independence by bringing their own bags, coats and lunchboxes into school and to find their own lost property during the school day.

Visiting the school during the school day.

Parents/Carers/Visitors to the school, are asked to come into the reception office via the main school entrance at any point during the school day to have their questions answered, to seek further information or to make an appointment with a member of staff. We ask that this be done rather than parents/carers searching for staff in the corridors or seeking out staff in their classrooms for the safety reasons shared above. If parents are in the school building during the timetabled school day we expect them to be wearing a VISITORS BADGE which they have collected for reception, having signed in.

Staff are asked to challenge anyone not wearing a visitors badge within the school building.