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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all! Christmas seems such a long time ago now but on behalf of all the staff I wanted to thank you for all your generous cards, gifts and good wishes. As we approached Christmas, every event felt very special and it was a pleasure to see so many of you in school. We have now embraced the Spring term.

Your children have settled effortlessly, already making the most of their new learning experiences and smiles are in abundance.

I would like to update you on some of the events that will be happening this term. Our new website will be sharing the topic your children will be studying along with signposting to supportive online resources. I hope you find these interesting, and useful when supporting your child(ren) with homework.

Parent Consultation Evenings are taking place this week. In response to some of you requesting more information about how your child is progressing, we have shared with you an interim review so that you can be more prepared for the valuable time you have with your child’s class teacher. For anyone that has not been able to access this review, please do not worry. If you have not managed to access your child's review, please let your child's class teacher know during the parents consultation meeting or let the office know beforehand and we will ensure you receive a paper copy and are able to access the system for the next interim review.

The interim report itself shows the objectives your child has met for the first 1/3 of this academic year. We would like to remind parents that your children still have two terms remaining for these objectives to be met if they haven’t met them already.

Be aware that children's learning is rarely linear with time. Some children may accelerate at the beginning of the year whilst others may accelerate towards the end.

Finally, an invitation to all our parent community...............

Please join us for our NEW ‘Coffee with the Headteacher and Leadership Team’. Approximately once a month, Trinity will host a drop-in coffee/tea afternoon where parents are welcome to pop in to have an informal chat with the Headteacher and senior leaders over a drink and some biscuits. The purpose is to allow parents to make suggestions, raise a particular issue or find out more about the workings of the School. There will be no prior preparation or set agenda. However we would be happy to use this time to support parents understanding around the new maths, science and reading curriculum and assessment. In this way we hope that you will feel better informed and able to help your children in the home with their learning should you wish.

No appointment is necessary. For this academic year the sessions will run from 2.30pm until the end of the school day on Wednesday afternoons, as follows:

· Wednesday, 8 February 2017

· Wednesday 29 March 2017

· Wednesday 24 May 2017

· Wednesday 5 July 2017

I am already looking forward to the interesting discussions I am sure we will have.