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Spring is here!

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is with great pleasure that I share that we have been judged as an "Outstanding" school in relation to our distinctiveness and effectiveness as a Church School.

For those of you that may not be aware, as a Church of England School, we are not only judged by Ofsted but we also have a SIAMS Inspection (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools). Trinity’s SIAMS inspection happened at the beginning of February and the report has now been finalised and released. We are delighted to have maintained our outstanding status.

Central to all is how our core Christian Values impact the day to day attitude and behaviour of your children. Your children are becoming naturally reflective during their learning journey. This was abundantly clear to the Inspector who spent most of her time talking to your children and not adults. The inspector was especially impressed with the relationships she saw in the school, based on mutual care and respect.

I have lifted some of the lovely comments from the report made by the inspector about your children:

‘Relationships are exemplary and behaviour is excellent in this church school. Consequently, the whole school community can clearly express what these values mean to them, both personally and collectively. For example, pupils explain care as, ’looking after someone, not just when they’re sick, but all the time, to help them through life’s struggles’.

‘their approach and attitude to work is influenced by courage, which some pupils explain as, ‘when you are determined to do it and not afraid’.

‘Pupils thrive in this culture where the focus is very much on the development of the child as an individual where everyone is respected’.

‘One of Trinity’s hallmarks is their celebration of diversity and difference. As pupils comment, ‘it’s the inside that matters’ and ‘we are all united, we are one’.

Please enjoy reading the report which can now be found on our website. I have also attached a copy to this newsletter. Many thanks to all pupils, staff, governors and parents, all who support the school so fully and have helped to ensure this excellent outcome.

And what of other events……………………..

The number of sports events this term have been wonderfully overwhelming and have resulted in much celebration within school; in fact our celebration assemblies on Fridays are becoming longer and longer which is testament to the achievements of so many if not all our children. The cross-country events have had good attendance and children are making visits to other schools to take part in wide range of competitions. I would like to thank Mr Batty for the time he gives to organising and making sure everyone is where they should be. Also for giving up his Saturdays to be there for Trinity children who have chosen to participate.

Our House System goes from strength to strength; children are always keen to do their best for their house and become so excited when we announce the house winners, usually on a fortnightly basis. Children are keen to talk about achievements not only in school but those achieved outside of school. They speak with confidence and show courage when presenting in front of others. I am never short of volunteers wanting to lead assemblies.

Events organised as part of the Henley Youth Festival are happening as I write. This is an exciting time of year for children who love to share their talents and perform. We love to support and celebrate with the rest of our community. In addition we have our own talent show arranged by the house and vice captains this year. Auditions are happening this week.


It is truly a special time to be part of Trinity and the question everyone is asking is what follows OUTSTANDING. We have been successful because we have high expectations of staff and children. These expectations have come from strong Christian values and they are set in a way that leaves everyone – pupils, parents, staff and governors – clear about what they are. These high expectations will continue to be applied consistently. But where we go now and which direction we take is fully open to discussion. Trinity will be looking for new challenges and ensuring that we stay in tune with the ‘forever changing world of education’. We will be asking and deciding what our priorities are for the future and making sure we are ready to embrace, change and adapt to new ways of thinking; to ensure the best learning experience for our children.

What an exciting time for us all.

Helen Jones