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Summer has arrived!

Our summer half term is quickly approaching and it is amazing to think that so much has happened in such a short time since Easter. Our continued success in sporting events have been shared and applauded and house celebrations continue to generate much enthusiasm. Children have been leading assemblies with confidence and for a few, it has taken courage to stand in front of so many. Some of our year groups have explored by venturing further afield; our Foundation children thoroughly enjoyed their day trip to the ‘Look Out’ at Bracknell and had a wonderful day despite the rain and Key Stage 1 children enjoyed a more tranquil setting whilst sketching down by the river.

Well done year 3 and 4 for your brilliant acting and singing last week; The ‘Time Lord’ production certainly gave the audience a performance to be remembered and allowed the children a chance to showcase their amazing talents.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge well done to our wonderful Year 6 pupils who were amazing during SATs week. They have worked hard all year and we are ‘super proud’ of them. Well done also to our year 2 children who seem to take everything in their stride. They should be proud of their performance so far. All children are trying their very best and giving 100% and we can ask no more. When children try their best the outcome is not important; the celebration comes from their positive attitude and commitment.

Our Value this term has been all about Courage. Children who are normally shy have been finding the courage to take part in assemblies, share their experiences and are beginning to understanding that in life there are many occasions when courage is called for. When I asked one year 2 child about courage their response was

‘I showed courage when I stood up to someone who wasn’t being kind to my friend’

Another child from year 4 talked about having the courage to tell off their friend when they wouldn’t let someone else join their game.

These are heartfelt moments and show a remarkable development around children’s thinking from the protection of a friend to not accepting a friend’s behaviour. Our planning always gives opportunities for children to reflect and as a result they are capable of making thoughtful decisions about their behaviour and those of others.

Please may I sign post a vacancy we will have for a Teaching Assistant post starting from September 2017. If you are an enthusiastic, patient, caring and willing to work alongside our teaching staff to support whole classes, individual children and small groups, we would love to hear from you. Experience would be an advantage but not essential. If you wish to have an application form and the job specification please contact our office. Hours are negotiable. The deadline for applications is the Monday, 12 June 2017. Invitations for interview will follow after shortlisting.

Looking ahead, our Sports Day will be celebrated on Thursday 22 June and I hope the weather will be kind. Our reserve Sports Day is 27 June, should all not go to plan. In addition we have Pioneer Week, the year 5 and 6 production which is Peter Pan and towards the end of the term, after a very exciting residential, we will be preparing to share our sad farewell to our year 6 children. Every year we are lucky enough to send truly remarkable young people off into the world and this year will be no exception. Our Year 6 pupils continue to live all the values that we cherish at Trinity - respect for themselves and others, caring within and beyond our school community, courage to take on tough challenges and a belief that with hard work, success will follow.

On that special note, I wish all of you a very relaxing and enjoyable half-term break. Thank you again for all your help and support throughout this term. I look forward to your children’s safe return on Monday, 5th June.

Helen Jones