• Helen Jones

Halfway there!

Dear Parents,

It is now close to being half way through the school year. From our perspective it has absolutely flown by. We are now looking forward to the many exciting and eagerly anticipated events planned for the second half of the year within school. This includes the many activities and performance linked to the Henley Youth Festival in March, 3/4 and Year 5/6 productions which follow and sports day and all the end of the year events.

Year 6 will of course have to undertake their SATs examinations. These will take place in May (14th-17th inclusive) and after February half term the Year 6 will begin their preparation for these in earnest, ensuring that they are all in a position where they can do as well as they possibly can. Please note, with this in mind, there is a Year 6 SATs information meeting for parents on Thursday 8th of March at 3.15pm. (Mrs McMann’s classroom).

The KS1 SATs are also administered in May. Unlike KS2 SATs, KS1 SATs are not administered according to a nationally-set timetable in a specific week. We are free to manage the timetable and aim to administer the tests in a low-stress, low-key way; some children won’t even be aware they’ve taken them. However we do offer a year 2 SATs information meeting for parents just in case you have further questions and would like to know more. This will be on Wednesday, 29th February at 2.30pm in the Hall.

I have the pleasure of teaching Maths to some of our Year 2 and Year 6 this year and the children have really impressed me with their fine attitude towards their learning.

Our Annual Parent Survey will be shared with you during this week. There will be a two week window given. Your views are important to us and enable us to look constructively at our existing provision and inform school developments. ‘Communications’ have been upper most in our minds recently and understanding your preferences would be very helpful in supporting future decisions.

It has been a busy and productive term at Trinity; your children never cease to amaze me with their confidence and their keenness to participate; they are so resourceful. When we celebrate in our assemblies, they show respect and applaud others without hesitation; we have children sharing musical and sporting talents from within and beyond the school; this term alone children have participated in a wide range of competitions from horse riding , championship skiing in Switzerland and cross country championship events. Children are keen to share their written stories, read from books and write and share their own written prayers in front of the whole school. There is a natural desire to reflect and learn from all things, which is commendable. I feel extremely privileged to lead this school; it is such an inspirational, fulfilling and enviable experience.

Our site building developments are well on their way and by Easter we will have a new log cabin classroom as well as a science and technology classroom. This work has only been possible because the generosity of our families and community and the fundraising events that FOTS organise and which always deliver so much. Thank you.

Our forest school development is a new venture for us and when up and running will allow children to experience quite a different style of learning through all the challenges that will present themselves. Whilst this is aimed at the younger members of our school the older children will use this as a valuable resources for exploration and investigation. For our younger children the learning emphasis is more on the 'how' than the 'what'. Children are given the encouragement to direct their own learning. To give you a sense of what this means the following quote summarises well

‘the woodland environment will be central in supporting this very dynamic approach to learning: the passage of time, from the changing of the seasons, to the contemplation of an ancient tree; the dynamic nature of an outdoor environment - an infinite source of smells, textures, sounds and tastes; a range of visual stimuli from near to far, high to low, very big to very small; and the infinite layers of historical, cultural, spiritual and mythological significance that speak of our deep relationship with trees and woodland through the ages.’

It conjures up very safe, warm and comfortable feeling. But with it will come challenges ; after all it will be our relationship with nature which will challenge us all in our future.

Have a wonderful and enjoyable half term break.

Helen Jones