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News for Autumn 2

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to begin my newsletter by once again expressing my huge thanks to all our families who have been so supportive during this new academic year with a special thank you to my staff team; their teamwork, dedication and commitment ensures your children flourish educationally each day and is second to none. Together I know that we all wish for the same; to provide the best possible outcomes for your children within a happy school environment.

However, as I have learnt during my time in education, some of the biggest challenges within a school are those that are unexpected. I share, with great sadness, the resignation of Mr Rait, classteacher of 5/6. Mr Rait has shown a real passion for teaching during his time with us. I know that this has been a very difficult decision for him but has come about because of exceptional and personal circumstances. His positive contribution to the staff team has been without question. Children have flourished as a result of his dedication and commitment to them and we will all miss him enormously.

On other staffing matters, Mrs McMann will begin her maternity leave any day now and Mrs Bourdeaux will follow early in the Spring Term. On behalf of all the staff and children at Trinity, we would like to wish them all the best and I am sure it won’t be long before we are congratulating very proud parents on the new addition to their family.

How will we therefore support these absences? Firstly we are very fortunate that Mrs Robinson will be returning from her maternity leave in January. This timing couldn’t have been better for us. I have also made two successful appointments. I think myself very fortunate indeed that at a particularly difficult time of year for staff recruitment we have also been successful in appointing two experienced teachers, Mrs Williams and Mrs Gordon; someone was certainly smiling down on us.

And so, with a huge sigh of relief with staffing matters and maternity cover in hand, I turn to the excitement ahead of us.

Despite the colder weather, there is a warm feeling in the school corridors and classrooms. Your children show respect at all times and look so smart in their uniforms. They take a pride in their appearance and it was difficult to award the uniform trophy to one class just before half-term. Instead we have decided to say thank you to all the children in the school and have given them an extra Mufti Day.

On Friday, 9th November children can wear their own clothes, if they wish. They do not need to bring in a donation.

As the festive season fast approaches I would like to signpost many of the exciting events happening during this term. Please take a moment to open the weekly update of events happening that the office will send out between now and the end of term

Staff and children are preparing and will be participating in so much; it is the busiest time of year enabling us all to celebrate the significance of Christmas through song, music, special assemblies and of course Christmas dinners and Christmas jumpers. FOTS will be sharing details of their traditional Christmas Fair event: the Christmas Bazaar. This will take place on Friday 7th of December; one of my favourite events of the year. We also hope you will be able to join us for the traditional Christmas Service at Holy Trinity Church on Friday 21st at 10.30am.

I am sure I will see many of you at some of these up and coming events; the staff and I look forward to enjoying and celebrating with you.

Helen Jones