• Helen Jones

Happy New Year.

Dear Parents and Carers,

The new term is underway. The longest day has now past and we look forward to lighter evenings and warmer days which I am sure are not so far away. But for now, we will be happy to enjoy the winter weeks as they pass; a beautiful season with frosty mornings, bright, crisp days and snow on the horizon and children who naturally become reflective and inspired poets.

We have launched into the New Year with new resolutions and great enthusiasm for teaching and engaging your children through some exciting topics; our younger ones study some amazing topics: Our younger children are exploring History through their Castle Topic, years 3 and 4 are looking at developing their map skills and geographical knowledge about the United Kingdom and 5 and 6 go back in time to learn more about the Stone Age and Iron Age. Whilst children are learning we will continue to ensure our school is a happy school, believing that happy children learn best!


As you are also aware, we believe in the importance of teaching values. As parents and educators, we are children’s biggest and number one influences and at Trinity we believe that much of your children’s success is about their ability to demonstrate our core values of Respect, Care and Courage in their daily lives. As I watch your children grow and move through the school I see caring, confident children with positive attitudes who are ready and eager to learn. The whole school value for the Spring Term is Care; we will be looking at peace and how we can look after our World and your children will be leading on this in class and in our assemblies.


The Government have confirmed that from the 2019/20 academic year onward, schools in England will be required to administer an online multiplication tables check to year 4 pupils. We are therefore bringing back the Trinity Times Tables Challenge for years 2,3 and 4 this term. This time last year children worked so hard on learning their multiplications and we were so impressed with our younger children who gave 100%.

Your children’s progress will be celebrated in our assemblies. We want all children to feel motivated and they will have the opportunity to earn house points for their house even if they do not get full marks.

At the end of the Spring Term, the winning house will be given a ‘home clothes’ day. Individual achievement badges and Golden Tickets worth 5 House Points will also be awarded to those pupils who make significant progress and effort with their times tables during the Spring Term. These awards will be determined by your child’s maths teacher.

We would like all children to succeed at their Times Table Challenge! We will complete this work within school time but also hope that you will encourage your children to practise at home as part of their Maths Homework.


Last year we trialled interim reports at the end of the Autumn and Spring terms; the purpose was to provide information about how well your child was doing through the year. Although parents seemed appreciative to have these reports there were also concerns raised at the time and at the subsequent parent teacher meetings, which we have noted. I summarise the main points which were raised.

  • Formal grades would be better given half way through the year; An autumn term report may cause unnecessary alarm too early on in the year for some children.

  • Parents shared that they valued knowing whether their child was meeting age related expectations.

  • If there were real concerns then a face to face parent/teacher meeting would be preferred.

  • Most felt that the report had value.

  • There was a general consensus that the EFFORT grade was probably the valuable indicator about a child’s performance.

  • There was agreement that attendance and homework should be formally recorded as part of the interim report highlights attendance/homework issues sooner. (The school is also looking to celebrate excellent individual attendance as well as class attendance in the future and invite children to share homework that they are proud of).

  • There were very few issues with receiving the interim reports electronically and this will continue to be the way reports are shared.

In consideration of this feedback and staff discussions, we have adapted the report and the frequency of issue. The report will no longer be termly but be issued half way through the year, (hopefully just before February half-term) and will provide a snap shot for attainment, effort, homework and attendance. Parents can request to have a paper copy.


This continues to be one of our priorities. As in any other area of life, children and young people are vulnerable and may expose themselves to danger - knowingly or unknowingly - when using the Internet and other digital technologies. We teach children and remind them at the beginning of each school year that not everyone online is who they say they are and we educate about keeping safe and share examples of online vulnerability.

It is something we cannot ignore and the school is aware that despite being more proactive in educating children about the possible dangers, children don’t believe it can happen to them; their young minds don’t always see the dangers and pitfalls.

Whilst incidents reported to us about online abuse have so far taken place outside of the school day, it does, of course, affect the children when they come into school. It is all about ‘Being Aware’ so that together we can teach children how to make positive choices and informed decisions; they can then protect themselves from such things as cyberbullying and sexual exploitation when online in the home. With this in mind I have attached documents for support; these documents will also be posted on our website.


The cross-country events last term had excellent attendance; more children then ever before were ambitious to represent the school and give their very best. It was our fantastic numbers which secured our third place across the many schools participating. Trinity was so well represented that there was great applause and positive comments from so many of the spectators. Well done to all…………a huge thank you to Mr Batty, Mrs Stobie, Mrs Aiken as well as the wonderful support of our parents with special thanks to Mr Partridge, Mr Taylor and Mr Tomkins.

Within school our traditional inter house competitions at the end of the Christmas term were also very successful. Our House System goes from strength to strength; children are always keen to do their best for their house and become so excited when we announce the house winners for sports events. House points continue to be awarded and celebrated in our assemblies for exceptional work, effort and for demonstrating kindness, respect and courage.


I want to genuinely thank each and every one of you for continuing to work in partnership with the school. You as parents and the community have played a crucial part in the success of Trinity and your support, sincerity and warmth is overwhelming. As I look forward to more wonderful times to come, may I take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of all the staff and wish you all a belated Happy New Year.

Helen Jones