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Happy Easter

Dear Parents and Carers,

As the Easter Break approaches, I reflect on the many achievements we have accomplished as we continuously work towards trying to ensure your children receive nothing short of the best here at Trinity. Their resilience to change is to be commended during a time when three members of staff have taken maternity leave over the past year. Whilst we have celebrated their wonderful news, this has presented challenges for the school. I am grateful to the staff who continue to step up and work so hard. Thank you to all parents and carers, who have been so supportive and a very special ‘HUGE Thank You’ to all Trinity children for smiling each and every day………even when the going gets tough from time to time.

There have been so many exciting events recently ; our outdoor learning especially has seen children taking those special moments to reflect; the outdoors has been very much part of our curriculum journey this term.

We also celebrated World Book Day on Wednesday 13th March when the school became a ‘land of make believe’ with fictional characters such as Harry Potter, Matilda and Mary Poppins wandering the corridors and classrooms of our school.

Year 2 received recognition for FAIRPLAY having participated in the recent football tournament at Rupert House. Our Year 5/6 netball players secured victory for Trinity and were proud to hold the first place Trophy at the recent Henley Schools Partnership event. They went on to compete in the South Oxfordshire Championships and secured 4th place. Well done to all.

We have had a great term for fundraising too; money having been raised for Red Nose Day and the school council’s organisation of our Pyjama Day before half-term was also a great success.

Our wonderful Art Gallery shared a magnificent display. The theme was supportive of this years Henley Youth Festival-Dreams. Thank you for all your support.

Henley Youth Festival: Another year…….and Trinity children took every opportunity to participate in a range of activities. Once again, we have enjoyed and experienced some awe inspiring moments within school. Children have been engaging and celebrating their own talents and achievements through writing, art work, dance, gymnastics, singing, recital and performance.

Thank you to FOTS who have also been very busy organising events this term. FOTS do an amazing job fundraising and providing social events for our School community. Thank you to all the families that have supported; the children really do benefit. I believe a BBQ and celebration straight after Sports Day is planned for this year which I am really looking forward to.

As the warmer weather arrived last week, the children moved to our field for their lunchtime break. It is indeed an enviable outdoor space where children can sit more easily, read, create, or play games and football. It was an extraordinary day on Friday because the quietness on the field was uncharacteristic………...and then I was invited to see something very special. In the words of the children ‘Come and see Trinity’s longest ever daisy chain’. They had been working in small groups then combining with other groups to produce something quite remarkable; the team work being key. The children were so proud. Even into the afternoon, after children returned to their classes, the daisy chain had secret visitors. I am reliably informed that it measured 11 metres; approximately 459 daisies in total.

Parents are warmly invited to attend our Church Service which will be held on the last day of this term, Friday, 5th

April at 10.30am. It is a lovely service and we hope you can join us in our Easter celebrations. Please note the wonderful crosses in the church designed by your children.

Finally, from all the staff at Trinity, please have a restful and happy Easter break; we look forward to seeing your children return, feeling refreshed and ready for our Summer Term on Wednesday, 24th April.

Kind regards

Helen Jones