The School Day

Organisation of the School Day

The school day runs as follows:-

Line up (Whistle): 8.40am (FS/KS1/KS2)

Go Inside: 8.45am  (FS/KS1/KS2)


Morning Break 10:35 – 10:55  (FS/KS1/KS2)



11.55 – 1.00 (FS)

12:00 – 13:00 (KS1)

12.05 -- 13.05 (KS2)

For the first few days in Foundation (reception) parents/carers may bring their child(ren) into the classroom. For Years 1 and 2 we encourage this on their first day after which we hope you will be brave enough to let the teaching staff  take your child(ren) to their classes.  At 8.40 the whistle will blow, the children line up and your class teacher will come to collect the children. Once they are settled in the line it would be helpful if you would stand back from the line and let the line go in more quickly.

If it is pouring with rain you may take your child straight into the class after 8.35am. Please do not arrive too early because the class teacher may not be in the classroom to supervise the children.

Collecting and Walking Home

School ends at 3.10pm for all children, the class teacher will bring the children out to the playground. Parents must let the teacher know if someone other than the parent or guardian is picking up their child.

Children in year 6 may walk to and from school unaccompanied providing the parents have given written permission and this has been agreed with the class teacher and head teacher. Children are still the responsibility of parents/guardians until the child is in the classroom at 8.45am. Once the child has been collected in the playground or is off site at 3.10pm they are once again the responsibility of parents.





Snacks / Water

As we  promote ‘Healthy Eating’ please encourage your child to bring in healthy food for their packed lunches. At break times children are only allowed fresh fruit and/or vegetables.  The school provides this for all the infant children and there is some fruit available for the junior children.  Throughout the year, children should bring in a bottle of water for use during the day, especially in the summer term. These are kept in your child’s classroom.


Sunhats / Suncream

During the summer months and at the start of the autumn term it is recommended that your child brings a sunhat to school and that you put suncream on them.