​Values & Ethos 

We are a Church School:               

Please read our wonderful SIAMS Inspection Report 2017.                                                         We were judged OUTSTANDING again!                                                                                       Our aim is for children to develop self-confidence, gain a balanced view of their society  

and the world through a responsive curriculum and adopt Christian Values that they will

carry with them throughout life. We provide opportunities for reflection and Prayer so that

children  learn and explore experiences and individuality.



to excel,  to value,  to enjoy, together’

Our vision is to provide  the highest possible standards of learning and teaching through quality provision, the use of technology and collaboration within a caring Christian ethos.  We seek

  • To provide a love for learning in a happy and stimulating learning environment where everyone is encouraged to be the best that they can be and are valued for who they are.

  • To foster a sense of belonging through effective partnerships within and beyond our school community based on mutual trust and respect.

  • For children to be independent, confident and active  learners  who are resourceful, resilient and ready to learn.

  • To help children learn and appreciate consideration and respect for others, team work and good manners.

  • To encourage children to develop self-confidence, positive attitudes and adopt our school Christian values that they will carry with them throughout life.

 Our Values education

 We continue to deliver a Values Education throughout the school to encourage children to develop positive attitudes and adopt 

 values that they will carry with them throughout life.   


                   Our Core Christian Values are 'Respect, Care and Courage'.

 Meeting requirements for collective worship, establishing a strong school ethos supported by effective relationships throughout  

 the school, and providing relevant activities within and beyond the classroom are the main ways that we ensure pupils’ social, 

 moral, spiritual and cultural development. Pupils are  encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and

 tolerance.   PSHE programme supports this as well as teaching our children about the importance of our British Values and  

 keeping healthy and safe. Children are also encouraged to develop independence and responsibility and make the most of their





                                                                                                         The DISTINCTIVENESS of Trinity School.

                                                                                                          We allow children and staff opportunities for reflection throughout

                                                                                                          the school environment: during assembly times, outside in our

                                                                                                          quiet area and special places where children can be quiet and think.

                                                                                                          We encourage Prayer in the classroom where teachers share the

                                                                                                          importance of prayer as part of everyday Christian Life as well 

                                                                                                          as other Beliefs.  In addition, circle time allows a chance for children 

                                                                                                          to respond, to show and share their feelings.  It provides

                                                                                                          opportunities for children to learn and explore experiences 

                                                                                                          and  individuality.

                                                                                                          Through our Values Education children are taught to be inclusive 

                                                                                                          and show respect for everyone; Our learning environment makes 

                                                                                                          reference to our Values.  RE displays share children’s thoughts and 

                                                                                                          experiences. There are references to the Christian Season.

Links work both ways and our School and Trinity Church support one another whilst forging strong partnerships. Church is as familiar as school with children and parents.  Singing and music is recognised as giving huge benefit to our children and more and more opportunities are being taken to share the joy and team spirit that comes with putting music at the heart of the School.

We weave into our curriculum opportunities to bring other cultures to our children; in the books that are chosen, in the music that is played, in the topics that are planned for, in the visitors that are invited and in the RE schemes that are in place. Our aim is that the children should have a balanced view of their society and their world.

Partnerships with our community are important to us.  Singing,

music and dance is recognised as giving huge benefit to our

children and more and more opportunities are being taken to

share the joy and team spirit with all of our community that

comes with putting performances, music, creativity and academic      

challenge at the heart of the School.