Get involved and support Trinity school

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers at Trinity. Just tell us your preferred role from the list below.

Download the Volunteer Form and return to the school office.

We would really appreciate help with the following:

  1. Lunchtime Supervisers and Playground Helpers

  2. Reading with Children

  3. General Classroom Helpers

  4. Curriculum Support.

  5. Gardening.

Click on the list above to get a brief description of what is involved in each role. We will then contact you to arrange for you to be police checked and then to come in and help.

Please note, for roles within the classroom, it is unlikely that you would be given your child’s class to help in. Initially we would like you to commit to carrying out the role for a term after you have had a go at it and made sure it is something you want to carry on doing.

If nothing leaps out at you, but you have another idea of how you could get involved, please note it down at the end of the form and we’ll be in touch. There will be more opportunities in the future– we have started with a select number of roles to make sure we can get you involved smoothly.

To get you inspired read on…..

A day in the life of a volunteer

I have spent the last couple of terms assisting in Mr Tillyer’s classroom on Friday Afternoons, as a volunteer, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The class is a year 1 / year 2 mixture. It’s lovely to see how the children separate off for their various age-suitable activities and then come back together again, with ease, for the lessons that the class do as a whole. I have known a number of the Year 1 children since they were tiny, as my daughter, in a parallel class, has grown up with them through the various music and nursery groups in Henley. I wondered if familiarity would be a problem, but after the first few knowing smiles and whispered comments like “You are Serena’s mummy!” and “Hello, Serena’s mummy!”, I am now officially Mrs Lambert”, and command just enough respect to get the job done!

I enjoy the variety of tasks that are involved in my Friday afternoon. Reading is always a pleasure – the children are split up into reading groups, and I will find a quiet corner by the book bank or in the computer room to listen to them. As I get to know the groups better, its great to see them growing in confidence, and starting to really enjoy the stories. As a French speaker, I have helped out in French lessons, and also helped prepare some materials for the older children – I have finally got to grips with the idiosyncrasies of the photocopier, and know how to laminate just about anything! On top of enjoying the classroom sessions, I also appreciate gaining a better understanding of the way the school as a whole works; a sense of the ethos behind it all, and being able to put names to faces. My Friday afternoons have become a special part of my week, and I can highly recommend spending time helping out, to anyone who is considering it.

Anelisa (Arnie) Lambert


 Volunteers needed!

Role 1: Lunch Supervisors and Playground Helpers

Time: 12 noon -1 pm, one lunchtime per week. £6.66 per hour pay. Role: Helping in the school hall and on the playground or field at lunch times. Ensuring children get a balanced diet, improving table manners, maintaining a positive and calm atmosphere. Playing active games with children, encouraging children to include each other, keeping the playground a happy and safe place and helping children in difficulties.

Role 2: Reading with Children

Time: 1 hour once a week for at least one term in a set class. Morning or Afternoon (depending on which class).

Role: To support one or more children in reading. You will be assigned a class and teacher and be given a training session to get you started.

Role 3: General Classroom Helpers

Time: about 2 hours a week – time to be worked out with the individual teacher.

Role: General help for teachers. You would be assigned a teacher to help with behind the scenes preparation for the lessons, help out in lessons and work with them to develop the role. Each teacher will require different support and the time spent helping may vary from week to week. Some of the work may be possible to do at home.

Role 4: Curriculum Support

Time: about 1 hour per week

Role: Do you have some particular expertise in a curriculum area? Are you willing to work with a small group of children to extend their knowledge? This is particularly aimed at the more able in all age groups.

Role 5: Website Support

We need ongoing help and support to keep our website updated and to expand the various areas of the website in the future. See below for an idea of the different ways you could get involved.

Time: See below – all timings are estimates – you can do more hours if you have the time.

  • Someone or a group of people who could collect information to put on the website regularly including: FOTS newsletters, school newsletters, governor newsletters, lunch menus, school calendar, special announcements. This could be a team of parents or children. You will liaise with the Website Co-Ordinator once a fortnight (One hour a week.)

  • Someone to collect photos and pictures for the website, including scanning in children’s work and to obtain permission to use them. (initially – one off project and then two hours a month on average)

  • Someone to source useful websites and information to add to our website and to link in to the website. Eg. Fundraising sites, curriculum based information, useful sites teachers have found. (Two hours a month)

  • Someone to liaise with the Website Co-Ordinator once a fortnight and help maintain the website. (One hour a week)

Role 6: Gardening And Pond Maintenance

Time: 1-2 hours per week working as part of a team.

Role: To develop a gardening project for the school and help to maintain the School Pond. Working with Children across the school to improve and maintain the school gardens.

Role 7: Football Refereeing

Time: 1 hour per week, Friday lunchtimes. Also occasionally after school for local league matches.

Role: To referee friendly matches for Year 5 or 6 during Friday lunchtimes. Working with Mr Tillyer. There may also be opportunities to referee matches during the local league matches.

Role 8: Lost Property Co-Ordinator

Time: 1 hour per week plus termly Lost Property collection.

Role: To regularly tidy lost property and check lost property bins for named items to be returned to the owners. To organise end of term lost property collection.

Role 9: General Tidying / Organising Around School

Time: One off projects of approximately 2 hours.

Role: To tidy and sort out specific areas eg. Labelling shelves, sorting out various storage cupboards and labelling, spring cleaning an area