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10th July Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,


It is with much regret we bid a fond farewell to the following staff: Mrs Emma Bourdeaux, Mrs Stammers, Miss Green, Mrs Jean Jean and Mrs Aston. Although it appears we have a high turnover of staff the reasons for their departure from Trinity were known. We thank the staff for all their hard work and wish them continued success for the future.

Mr Eaton will be reducing his teaching commitment to three days and will be embarking on a job share with Mr Clarke in Y5. Due to various maternity leave and teaching vacancies we welcome Miss Hart, Miss Kirton and Miss Mizen to Trinity. Although Mrs Griffiths will be retiring (again) I know that we will welcome her back to Trinity in some capacity.  We also extend a warm welcome to Mrs Rebecca Parks. She will be working alongside the Y6 Team providing 1:1 support for a child. I believe we have a stable staff in place and I know they will all make a great contribution to Trinity School.

Please refer to the Organisational Chart which provides an overview of the staff for the academic year 2020-2021.   


You will be informed later on today the class your child will be in. As stated in my previous newsletter, it is for the SMT to decide the classes the children are in and a request will only be considered if it falls into the exceptional circumstances below. The Phase Leaders and their teams have spent a considerable amount of time looking at each individual child and their friendships and have allocated the children to a class accordingly. Decisions have been based on supporting all the children’s emotional well-being and happiness. I respect and support the professional judgments that have been made and know that as a community you also support these decisions.

Please refrain from sending an email to the Office requesting your child be moved unless your request falls under the exceptional circumstances below:

  • There is some history that either the Phase Leaders or teachers do not know about (although I expect we would have been informed already)

  • Your child is classed as being vulnerable e.g. has a social worker

  • Your child has an EHCP Plan

Any requests which meet the criteria above should be sent to the OFFICE email and not through class dojo. Teachers will not be responding to any messages. Apologies in advance, but emails will not be answered if the requests do not meet the above guidelines.

I thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding with this and for not overwhelming the school with email requests at such a busy time in the year.


A letter will be going out early next week regarding our Transition Days. The current Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 will be having their Transition Day on Monday 20th July and the current EYFS and Y1 will be having their Transition Day on Tuesday 21st July. We will be using the different gates around the site as entry and exit points. This will help ensure we avoid congestion as well as inform our preparations for September when all the children return to school.

September 2020

As stated last week, we are so excited to welcome back our children to Trinity from September onwards. A letter will be sent out next week which will outline the different scenarios the school will take should a localised shutdown be required.

However, in preparation for September please be advised that there is a mandatory requirement that all children attend school; the children will be wearing their school uniform; there will be a staggered entry/exit to school but teaching time will be adhered to; children will be in class/phase bubbles; we will be using the 3 gates to enter/leave the school site whilst maintaining 1m+ distance. More details will follow shortly.

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