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Autumn Newsletter

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Welcome back to the new school year, and a special welcome to the families new to Trinity. We are pleased that you have joined us. The first month has flown by and I would like to thank you all for adapting to the changes and for your understanding when we needed to tweak a few things. The children have settled well and it is good to have them back in school. They have coped brilliantly with the changes and seem happy to be back in class with their friends; the staff are certainly happy to have a 'full' school again! We will continue to limit the number of visitors within school and would therefore ask that any communication for teachers is e-mailed using Dojo or through the school office.


Our priorities are grouped under 5 headings which reflect those used in the OFSTED Inspection Handbook and they are as follow:

  1. Quality of Education Ensure the curriculum offers rich cultural experiences; all subjects are coherently planned and provide a basis for the development of values, knowledge and skills Teaching across the school is good or better

  2. Leadership & Management

  3. Develop leadership capacity at all levels

  4. Behaviour & Attitudes Behaviour and attitudes are outstanding and pupils behave with consistently high levels of care, courage and respect

  5. Personal Development Develop an excellent provision for pupils’ emotional, mental and physical well-being.

EYFS To understand and embed the new EYFS Early Year Adopter Curriculum.

PARENT CONSULTATION MEETINGS This year parent consultation meetings will be different and it has been quite a challenge in deciding the best way forward. Therefore, we will be arranging 10-minute telephone consultations with parents/carers. It is not our preferred way of working but in order to keep everyone safe we have decided upon this approach for the Autumn Term. Phase Leaders will be emailing information out to you shortly.

COVID-19 Attendance for September is 94% which is just below the national average of 96%. All our families are safe and sound. Thank you for keeping the school office informed. Thank you for your patience and support regarding drop off and pick up. It appears to be getting better! When waiting for your child in the playground, please remember to keep a 2 metre distance and keep your children with you at all times. This will have a significant impact on the spread of the virus. Thank you. We are asking all visitors to school to wear a mask. Protect your loved ones with the official NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app for England and Wales. It's the fastest way of knowing when you're at risk from coronavirus (COVID-19). The quicker you know, the quicker you can alert your loved ones, and your community.

The more of us that use it, the better we can control coronavirus. HARVEST Thank you so much to all our families who brought in items for Harvest. YEAR 5/6 PHASE HARVEST FESTIVAL CELEBRATION This week the children in our upper school went to Church and gave thanks for the food God has provided for us and how lucky we are to have food on our tables. The children were brilliant and it was a very special celebration. Unfortunately we were not able to invite parents, due to restrictions on numbers, but we are looking at ways in which we can stream events in Church for the future. DROP OFF AND PICK UP Thank you for your support with changes made. We think this week has gone very smoothly with using the playground but pick up at the end of the day is getting too congested. To try to improve this we will endeavour to make sure all classes are out on time. Please can Year 5/6 and Reception parents to not come onto the playground until 3:10pm. If you have a younger child in Years 1-4 and a child in Years 5, 6 or Reception, could you only come onto the playground towards the end of the 3:00-3:10pm slot, so the playground has had a chance to clear. If it continues to be this congested we will have to control the number of people coming onto the playground.

Parking, Pick up and Drop off Please make sure you are considerate if you have to park near the school to pick up or drop off your children. We do not want to upset our neighbours so please avoid parking across drives or in any of the private roads nearby, thank you.

SOCIAL MEDIA We will be posting updates on what is going on in school soon using our social media accounts. We will be starting with our Facebook page: Trinity CE Primary School. We will then be looking to link our Twitter feed and Instagram. We are also thinking about setting up our own YouTube channel, so it will be easier to share videos. If you haven't let the school know whether you give permission or not for your child to be on social media, can you please do so. Due to GDPR we do need permission. We would never post pictures of children with their names. It does make it extremely difficult to share experiences and celebrate success if we don't have permission from everyone, especially as at the moment we are having to do so much more online than in person.

Reading Next week in school we are celebrating the Reading is Magic Festival. We will be taking part in online events with famous authors such as Cressida Cowell (How to Train Your Dragon). Our brand new Year 6 Reading Champions will also be organising some whole school activities and competitions for everyone to get involved in (both at home and in school). We would love to celebrate all of the reasons why ‘Reading is Magic’ and are asking children and parents at home to join in by doing the following: Record a short clip where your child says ‘Reading is Magic because...’ and then goes onto explain why. This doesn’t need to be long; it could be just 1 sentence. It would be brilliant to see a range of different places in the videos: cosy reading corners, down by the river – be as creative as you can! Even the teachers will be joining in! Send your videos in to the We can’t wait to see all of your video clips! Please title the email ‘Reading is Magic’. Although we love being back at school, things have been different. As we are in bubbles, we have not been able to see the children from other year groups. Sadly this means we can't have whole school assemblies in the hall. However, we have a virtual assembly every Friday and it is amazing to see everyone's smiling faces on the screen again! To finish off our piece for this newsletter, we thought it would be nice to include part of a poem written by one of our classmates (Malak) for our Harvest Festival that we celebrated this week: I think that school is cool! When you make friends, the fun never ends, School teachers do things, for what the future may bring. So I am thankful for being able to go to school, because

To finish off our piece for this newsletter, we thought it would be nice to include part of a poem written by one of our classmates (Malak) for our Harvest Festival that we celebrated this week: I think that school is cool! When you make friends, the fun never ends, School teachers do things, for what the future may bring. So I am thankful for being able to go to school, because school is definitely COOL! DIARY DATES Tuesday 6 October pm FOTS Zoom Meeting Register via FOTS website Wednesday 7 October Tempest Photographing Each Class W/C 12 & 19 October Parent Consultation Telephone Calls Friday 23 October Finish at Usual Time for Half Term Break 26-30 October School Holiday Monday 2 November Back to School for Term 2

Monday 9 November Flu Immunisations for all year groups Thursday 12 November Tempest Photographing Individual Pupils and Staff

Friday 18 December Finish at 1pm, after School Lunch for End of Autumn Term

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