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Mrs Melero - June Newsletter

Welcome back!

I hope you all enjoyed quality time as a family and you managed to relax and make the most of the glorious weather we have had.

Next week we start to open for more children, cautiously and systematically. Thank you for your continued patience and support during these difficult times. At Trinity, our planning and preparation, over the past few weeks has been extensive however, the new routines will take a little time for adults and children to adapt to. We are keen to welcome our children back to Trinity but it needs to be safe, measured and carefully managed.

WELCOME RETURN OF EYFS We are really looking forward to welcome back to Trinity our EYFS children on Monday 8th June and I am sure they will be incredibly excited too. Parents/carers have been emailed information regarding the provision in EYFS during this time as well as the groups their children will be in.

However, I also appreciate that some households are divided about what is best for their child; these are difficult times for many and we will respect all your choices. However, we have made provision for all children in EYFS to return should they want to. The same will be applied to Y6 and Y1. Shortly after the return of EYFS, we will welcome back our Y6 pupils followed by Year 1. Information will be sent to parents/carers nearer the time.

KEY WORKER CHILDREN Demand for key worker places has increased and we have responded by creating two groups which will enable us to extend our provision. These groups will be located in the hall and in a Y3 classroom. Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 A while ago the Government expressed a desire for all school children

HOME SCHOOLING The teaching staff have devised specific rotas to ensure they can work in their groups at school yet safely support home learning. We have a long-term commitment to your child’s well-being, safety and education. Therefore, to those of you remaining at home all current support remains the same. We will continue to provide online learning through GOOGLE Classroom and contact via google or DOJO. We are also looking at helping families with remote learning. More details will follow shortly.

SEPTEMBER ONWARDS School do not know what the educational landscape will look like from September onwards. I am sure you have all read various articles concerning a ‘blended’ approach to education with a mix of in class learning and home-schooling; schools not returning to ‘business as usual.’ The simple truth is we do not yet know. However, I am very keen to observe how our Welsh neighbours will plan and prepare for all children returning to school before the end of the Summer Term. FAQ As you can appreciate we have had an overwhelming response to our FAQ Document regarding the plan for reopening Trinity School. I wanted to say a huge thank you to Rhian Nicholson for taking a lead with this. It is much appreciated especially as it helps the leadership team gauge parental concerns and issues.

As is always the case in unchartered situations such as these I have always held close to me the quote attributed to the poet John Lydgate and later adapted by

President Lincoln:

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.


A huge thank you to Mrs Elson who has kindly volunteered to knit a jumper for our school teddy. I can tell you, he is incredibly excited and I know we will provide a very warm welcome to him. I will let you know how to submit ideas for a name shortly.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and I will see some of you at the gate on Monday.

Warmest wishes, Beatriz Melero

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