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June - School Council Meeting Minutes

8th June 2020, 3-3.30pm

Present: Heath Jones (Y1), Chantelle (Y2), Naomi (Y2), Jemima (Y3), Milo (Y4), Martha (Y5/6), Lena (Y5/6), Dora (Y5/6).

Mr Eaton, Mrs Evans, Miss Newman, Mrs Aiken

Absent: Corey (Y5/6)

Discussion: Ideas/suggestions on how we can keep in touch with pupils while year groups are not in school.

- Zoom Meeting with whole class, half class or groups of children every Monday – a welcome to the week chat.

- Zoom Meeting with whole class, half class or groups of children every week – Show and Tell or Presentations. Pupils could hold something and talk about it or share a screen to show a powerpoint. Staff to choose a few children each week.

- Zoom small groups/1-1 video demonstrations to pupils.

- Back to School; PSHE and circle times to discuss how we are feeling.

- Funny Class Photo Gallery – perhaps a competition in class/phase. Teachers participate too.


- Scooting on playground or in an area at certain times of the day would be fun.

- Welcome Back Party.

- More intra-competitions (scrabble, chess, sports, art) so classes/phases compete against other classes/phases.

- Hand paint a rainbow (activity to do when children are in school and ask children at home to contribute).

- Board games timetable like in Golden Time every Friday afternoon.

- A big charity event.

- Reading Challenge – how many books can you read over a certain period of time? This of course could be included in the intra-competition.

- Talent Show when we all return.

Any further suggestions/ideas should be sent to the office for the attention of Catherine Aiken.

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