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19th June Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers, Children (The Wall) It has been another busy week and we were all so excited to welcome back Year 6. It was wonderful seeing them and I know they loved being back at Trinity. A huge thank you to Dr Knight who requested the children sing and dance along to the Queen Track ‘We Will Rock You.’ We sang this on the day lockdown was announced and felt it was a fitting tribute to our children to sing it when they returned. It was lovely and the staff enjoyed it too. We welcome Year 1 back to Trinity on Monday 22nd June. I know the children will be excited to see their friends, staff, Trinity etc. It will certainly be a memorable start to a Monday. Y2, Y3, Y4,Y5 (Summer of 69) As mentioned last week in the newsletter, we are looking at various ways we can bring these year groups back to school before the end of term even if it is only for half a day, a day, an afternoon etc. I really do not know yet but there is a strong belief that where there is a will there will be a way. All we ask is for you to be patient with us, put your trust in the school and know that we will do the right thing. Virtual chats with our Trinity children (Virtual Insanity) This week three of our teaching assistants led training on Google Meet which is a school based version of ZOOM. Through the training we discovered one or two glitches which we are investigating. However, in the interim staff would like to try to hold some ZOOM type calls with some of our children and teaching assistants next week. I am not that technical and every time I organise a meeting it does sadly go wrong!! However, staff are far more adept with this and again we will trial something out next week. Telephone Calls (Hanging on the Telephone) In order to stay more connected with our children we are thinking about calling some of them to say hello especially if they are not present on any of our virtual chats. This is something we are exploring and I would love to talk to some of our children next week in order to try it out. If you would like me to call and say hello please let the office know. Thank you. School Council (You’re The Best Thing) A week or so ago, our School Council met via Zoom (definitely a first for Trinity!). The children spoke confidently and clearly about several areas including what more we can do to keep in touch with all the Trinity children and activities we can do when we are all back together. There were some brilliant suggestions and the teachers who were on the call were very impressed with the thought that had gone into the ideas. We will consider all of the suggestions made and hopefully see a few of them in action before the end of the school year. Thanks to all the children and parents who helped make the meeting happen. A great success! I just wanted to say thank you to our children and Mrs Aiken for their commitment to their roles on the School Council and for the lovely suggestions for when we return back to Trinity. Read minutes here. We will certainly look into these especially the ZOOM calls. KS1 Video (Dancing Queen) I absolutely loved watching this video of our KS1 children dancing and having a ball.  It certainly brought a tear to my eye.  A huge thank you to Mrs Evans who suggested we do this as a school and who then put it together for us. Thank you so much Mrs Evans.

The Art of Mathematics (You’re Beautiful)

Mr Clarke led a Y5/Y6 cross curricular project looking at the art of mathematics in our everyday lives. Children were using their mathematical skills such as reasoning and problem solving to create their designs which were inspired by the work of Mondrian.

It s a celebration of the designs and ideas by the children. We all agree that we are highly impressed with the children's efforts and the quality of their work, bearing in mind they had no direct teacher support on this. It certainly brings the awe and wonder into our teaching.

Trinity Bear (You Know My Name/Look up the number) Thank you to all those parents/carers/children who have sent suggestions in for a name for our unique Trinity Mascot. They are as follow:

  • Trinity Ted (Poppy Y3,  Rosie Y5)

  • Socially Distancing Dan (Poppy Y3)

  • Captain Tom (Milo  M Y4)

  • Buddy Bear   (Louis and Noah Y3)

  • Bob ( Lucas Y2)

  • No ( Noah starting at Trinity in September)

  • Spencer Bear (Mrs Melero)

The Phase Leaders will open the vote soon on Google Classroom and I am hopeful our bear will have a name by next Friday! Mr McCarthy (Hero) On behalf of all the staff, the governors, children and myself I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to our caretaker who has worked incredibly hard in getting our school ready for welcoming back our children. Although his workload has increased as has his stress levels I expect and as we all know there are never enough hours in the day, he does everything with a big smile on his face, good humour and he has proven himself to be a great team player. Thank you so much Mr McCarthy. And Finally – Guess The Artist I thought I would just have a bit of fun whilst writing this newsletter and have included song titles in brackets alongside the news items. The first person who emails the office the correct artist of each song will receive a prize!!! No cheating though! Here is wishing you all a peaceful weekend. Warmest wishes, Mrs Melero and The Trinity Team

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