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Newsletter September 2021

Dear Trinity Community,

We have successfully started the new academic year with great gusto and enthusiasm. Thank you to the children and you their parents/carers for navigating what is always a busy time of year.

COVID Update

The government approach for schools is very different now, it is much less likely that a class will be closed under the current guidance. We continue to feed the covid picture to the local authority for them to track patterns. Those who have symptoms and those who are unfortunately positive should continue not to attend school and follow public guidance about isolation.
We have had 12 confirmed cases of COVID throughout the school and parents/carers have been sent a letter from the school office team informing them of this. The letter contains lots of information and web links which provide valuable advice and guidance.
The phase where there has been the greatest number of cases has been the Y3/Y4 phase. When 10% of a class/cohort or 5 children have had a positive PCR test schools need to contact Thames Valley Public Health England which we have done.
We have followed their advice and guidance and this has been communicated to the parents/carers of the phase. The situation will continue to be monitored and updates will be sent to the parents/carers in this phase.
This past week has been very challenging as we have experienced high staff absence (not all related to covid) and absence. COVID numbers are high in Oxfordshire and nationally schools are experiencing disruption which will then impact on teaching and learning.
Children and Adults with Symptoms of Covid-19
• Children and adults must not come to school if they have any symptoms of Covid-19
• Children and adults will be sent home if they develop symptoms of Covid-19
• Children and adults with symptoms of Covid-19 must undertake a PCR test
• Children and adults must not return to school until they have a negative PCR test result or their self-isolation period has expired
If your child has a PCR test please email the school office with the NHS confirmation as soon as possible, thank you. (

Black History Month

October is Black History Month. This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society, and to foster an understanding of Black history in general. The children will be involved in many exciting activities and discussions and I would encourage you all to discuss and support learning regarding the importance of this national event. It is certainly an area Trinity will focus on throughout the year.
If you would like to offer any expertise or support discussion, please contact either myself or Miss Newman.


A weekly update will be sent from the headteacher with the latest news and information. This will always be sent out on a Friday and will be entitled, ‘Update From The Head.’

Good Luck

Best of luck to Henry (Y5) and Harriet’s (Y3) mum and dad who are running a marathon this weekend. The whole community is behind you wishing you well.

Welcome Meetings

Confirmation of dates for the Virtual Meetings are as follows:
Year 3 & 4 -Tuesday 28 September at the new time of 3.45-4.15pm
Reception -Thursday 30 September
Year 5 & 6 - Tuesday 5 October at the new time of 3.45-4.15pm
Years 1 & 2 - New dates and times will be confirmed as soon as possible.
You will be sent a link to your meeting nearer the time.

Term Dates

FOTS Uniform Sale Tuesday 5 October 2.45-3.30pm
Half Term Break Monday 25 – Friday 29 October 2021
End of Autumn Term Friday 17 December 2021 at 1.15pm After Lunch
Inset Day Tuesday 4 January 2022 – No School Today
Back to School for Spring Term Wednesday 5 January 2022
Inset Days Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 July 2022 – No School

Wishing you all a happy weekend.
Warmest wishes,
Beatriz Melero & The Trinity Team

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