As an Oxfordshire County Council primary school, admission to school follows the policy established by the county council. Details are given on their website at: 

There is high demand for places at Trinity School and we are often first choice for more places then we have. However, it is impossible to predict the number of applications for places from one year to the next since Henley is a mobile community.  If you are planning to move into the school’s catchment area  please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school.  We will be only too pleased to discuss options with you.




Information on Trinity admissions process

Tel: 01865 815175
Address: Macclesfield House, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1NA

Admissions Booklets with full details of the whole process are available from the Admissions Team. This booklet contains a form to be returned to the County Admissions Team or you may apply on line at

Letters offering places for the next academic year are sent by the Admissions Team in the Spring term.

Informal meetings in the Summer term will take place prior to starting  to ensure that the transition is a smooth and happy one for all.

The age span 4-11 is divided into 7 ‘year’ groups of up to 45 children per year: Foundation stage and Years 1-6 inclusive. Because the standard number for each year is 45, Trinity has the equivalent of 1.5 classes in each year group.  For this reason, some classes may be mixed year classes.  


Learning and teaching at Trinity is  organised to ensure that teaching  is tailored to the needs and current achievement levels of individual pupils no matter which class they are in.  Very experienced  practitioners  understand the importance of   delivering work to match the needs of mixed age learning.

We provide challenge for the more able children and support for those needing more help.  Our outstanding planning and team ethos  delivers an educational experience which ensures  progression, continuity  and most of all a learning environment which is enjoyed by all.